Small mammals in Madikwe

Small mammals in Madikwe

Civettictis civetta Afrikaanse Siwet African Civet Zibetkatze Tsaparangaka
Mungos mungo Gebande Muishond Banded Mongoose Zebramanguste Tshagane
Helogale parvula Dwergmuishond Dwarf Mongoose   Tshagane
Paracynictis selous Kleinwitstertmuishond Selous' Mongoose   Tshagane
Galerella sanguinea Swartkwasmuishond Slender Mongoose Schlankmungo Tshagane
Cynictis penicillata Witkwasmuishond Yellow Mongoose Fuchsmanguste Tshagane
Aonyx capensis Groototter Cape Clawless Otter Kapotter Nyedi
Mellivora capensis Ratel Honey Badger Honigdachs Magwegwe
Genetta tigrina Rooikolmuskejaatkat Large-spotted Genet GroƟfleckginsterkatze Tshipa
Ictonyx striatus Stinkmuishond Striped Polecat Zorilla Nakedi
Poecilogale albinucha Slangmuishond Striped Weasel/Snake Weasel    

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